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4 Hacks to Turn Your Uni Room From Drab to Fab

1. Cover your wall in photos and fairy lights

Photos aren't just for Instagram you know. Print yours out and cover your wall in them to display your best memories. And with these photo-clip fairy lights, it couldn't be easier to hang them all up.

2. Add a pop of colour with a bright tapestry

Hanging a bright tapestry instantly brightens any room. It's particularly useful in a university dorm where you're not allowed to paint the walls or customise with wallpaper. All our boxes at come with a beautiful tapestry of your choice.

3. Make your bed the focus

As a student, you'll probably spend many Sunday afternoons curled up in bed with the bestie or bae, bingeing on Stranger Things 2. So make yours as cosy as possible with lots of cushions and a stand-out duvet set.

4. Decorate your desk

After your bed, the desk is the second strongest focus in a student room. To make your room transformation really pop, decorate your desk with quirky LED lamps, desk organisers and flowers. Cute make-up brushes organised in a holder are an unexpected way to beautify your desk space. You'll receive all this and more with unibedroombox.

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